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Sustainable development is a strategic driver and a distinct selling point for the Kapa Engineering srl, which positions itself as a provider of innovative sustainable solutions.
Kapa Engineering Srl corporate social responsibility policy aims at limiting and then reducing the impact of its operations, namely to protect eco-systems, help develop the areas where its entities operate, take account of stakeholder expectations, respect employees, and improve accessibility of offers and services, etc.
In 2018, the Company conducted its first materiality assessment to identity and map out its priority sustainable development challenges.

6 significant  challenges were identified. These challenges were then ranked, after consulting internal and external stakeholders. The six most relevant challenges are:
    safeguarding business ethics;
    minimising the environmental impact from business processes, operations, and purchased products and services;
    promoting the energy transition and limiting GHG emissions;
    upholding human rights in all aspects of decision-making;
    acting as an integrator and planner for sustainable land management;
    promoting useful and sustainable innovations.
In 2018, the Company has decided to not disclose its any customers' data and not to let anyone visit third-party installations.
It is not allowed to visit our construction facilities or installations that are installed at the sites of other customers.
Visit us is allowed at our offices on appointment.

We limit the personal data we hold to what is relevant for supplying or marketing our services or otherwise conducting business.
Individuals from whom we retain Contact Data include clients, potential clients, suppliers, service providers, government officials, journalists, academics, industry experts and others with whom we have a business or professional relationship (collectively "Contacts"). The types of contact data we may hold include:
    Telephone/address information (such as telephone numbers, street address, e-mail address)
    Other business or marketing-related personal details (business or professional role, business title)
    Kapa Engineering Srl products and services previously purchased or within the individual's area of interest
    Marketing channel preferences (such as individual's preference to be contacted via e-mail or by telephone)
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