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KAPA ENGINEERING S.r.l.   corporate philosophy
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First, a Complete Understanding of Customer Needs
Manufacturers require not just products, but complete, integrated solutions. Each time KAPA ENGINEERING SRL receives a customer inquiry, it examines carefully the intended material and processing goals. If it is determined that KAPA ENGINEERING SRL equipment is appropriate for the application, KAPA ENGINEERING 's engineers then perform experiments to select the ideal machines, products, and processing conditions for the job. Customers are encouraged to participate in each stage of this thorough process, only after which can a machine specification and estimate be drawn up.
Individually Tailored Designs
KAPA ENGINEERING SRL's applications experiments  help to uncover hidden needs and process issues. Using the resulting data, KAPA ENGINEERING SRL engineers build upon standard machine specifications to create equipment that is tailored to the customer's specific treatment and production lines. Machine customization is an essential element of KAPACERT 's external consulting, in which waste treatment machines, and applications are harmonized to provide optimum solutions.
Since its founding, KAPA ENGINEERING SRL has taken pride in its manufacturing operations, as they are one fundamental way of delivering quality to the customer and increasing customer satisfaction.

Made at the Lombardy Prefecture, KAPA ENGINEERING SRL's precision equipment offer customers the highest level of quality and customization. In addition to production, sales, engineering, and purchasing cooperate to satisfy customer needs at a reasonable cost.
KAPA ENGINEERING SRL manufactures all its products, and processing point technologies in-house or at external collaborators with the own  quality specifications to ensure that these key parts always meet KAPA ENGINEERING SRL's exacting standards.
High-Quality Manufacturing
Demonstrative products / Demonstrative visits to customers
Visits to installations of other customers are not permitted. KAPA ENGINEERING SRL protects the privacy of its customers and undertakes not to carry out demonstration visits to customer's installations by / with potential new clients as it does not disclose the data of its customers.
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